Frequently Asked Questions

General Photography Assignments

What is involved in a general photo shoot?

If able, we'd first scout out the location. This step helps us compile a shot list that best represents your project and reduces potential hurdles during production. For smaller spaces, a brief walkthrough on the day of the shoot will suffice.

During the shoot, besides my camera and I, there will be several pieces of lighting equipment, and possibly an assistant running around. We will be respectful, professional, and fully immersed in the job.

All final images are delivered via email (or DVD if requested) within 10 days.

What should be done to prepare the project before the shoot?

First, cleanliness is key to good images. If the shoot must be scheduled during the construction process, please make sure the site is reasonably cleaned of any unwanted materials, tools, and debris. Photoshop can't do it all!

For residential spaces, look out for these:

  • Dust, especially on dark furniture
  • Fingerprints and streaks on appliances
  • Dirty glass (i.e. soap scum in the shower)

Second, remove unnecessary clutter. An empty room rarely photographs well, but one filled with clutter never does. We will likely be moving some furniture and doing a little staging, but any obvious distractions should be put away.

How many shots can I expect on a typical job?

There are no shortcuts to producing beautiful images. Smaller or simpler spaces could take 10 to 30 minutes to light, while larger more complicated spaces will require anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. So for a half-day of work, expect 5 to 8 carefully crafted shots, and maybe double that for a full day.

Remember, our goal is to deliver high QUALITY images. A select few finely tuned photos ALWAYS grab an audience's attention better than a gallery of mediocre ones.

What if I don't like the shots?

My work is 100% guaranteed. If the problem could be fixed in Photoshop, we'll fix it. If it needs reshooting, I'll shoot it. If the images still don't work for you, you don't pay a cent.

Who owns the copyright to the images?

In both Canada and the US, any photograph taken remains the intellectual property of the commissioned photographer. (So the images rightfully belong to LionLight Photography).

What is your policy on usage rights? Can I use the commissioned images as often as I want without restrictions?

The initial quote includes an indefinite usage license for your company only. This means you may use the images forever without additional costs down the road. However, it is not acceptable to give or re-sell the photos to anyone else.

What if a third party, such as a subcontractor, would like to use the shots?

All third parties wishing to use the images should be directed to LionLight Photography to negotiate usage rights. If you know a third party that wishes to use the images before the shoot begins, the fee could be split, thereby lessening the cost for everyone involved.

I have several smaller projects. May I combine them as one shoot for a standard half-day or full-day rate?

Yes, absolutely. Keep in mind, though, the pace of production. If we have too many things to shoot in too little time, we'll have to sacrifice quality. A safe amount would be no more than 2 projects per a 4-hour period.

Real Estate Photography Services

What is involved in a real estate photo shoot?

In a nutshell, I'll be on site for about 2 hours, and all full-resolution photos will be delivered via email within 36 hours. My goal is to provide a high-impact photography product for your listing with the least amount of hassle.

There are many "all-in-one" companies that include photos in their packages. Why should I use you to photograph my listing?

Simply put, your listing will be shown in the BEST possible light using the least amount of time. Portable strobe equipment is used to properly and realistically light the interiors, providing crisp images that are natural, inviting, and true.

LionLight Photography's real estate pricing is also highly competitive.

What could I do to prepare the listing for a photo shoot?

It goes without saying that a clean home will attract more offers. Since over 80% of prospective buyers begin their search online, the photos must show the listing at its cleanest. Make sure all surfaces are wiped and dusted, especially the kitchen and baths. The exterior front and back should be tidy, and foliage should be properly cared for.

Most homes on the market are not staged. That's OK. If the homeowner is still around, make sure distracting clutter is put away. Most clutter is found on kitchen and bathroom counters and in the bedrooms. Also, if possible, any evidence of pets should be temporarily hidden.

How much notice should I give to book you for a shoot?

Usually, 3 days is fine. However, you, as a busy professional, know how fast your schedule could fill up, and sometimes unexpectedly. On the occasion that I'm booked solid for the next few days, please understand.

I have a very tight schedule, but need the photos as soon as possible. Could I trust you to be at the listing alone?

Rest assured that, if the homeowners are present, they will be treated with the utmost professionalism and respect. If the listing is vacant, you may choose to lend me the key, whereupon it will be returned safely after the shoot, and before your next showing.

Do you offer other real estate marketing services, such as video, floor plans, or web design?

At this time I am exclusively an architectural and interiors photographer, and therefore only offer stills. By simplifying and targeting a niche, I'm able to provide high quality images at very reasonable rates. However, if needed, I have a list of contacts who competently provide the above services.