Leo Cai

As a detail-oriented person with a drive for technical perfection, I take my job very seriously. No matter how advanced photographic equipment becomes, a captivating image will always involve two fundamentals: good light and strong composition. By no means have I mastered this timeless principle, but I'm well along in the journey.

By spending a lot of time studying light - the most important photographic tool - and specifically how it affects the built environment, I strive to imbue a sense of atmosphere, a mood, in all my images. I use a versatile lighting technique that grants full creative control. An appropriate mood is set, and objects are lit so that viewers of the final image perceive real texture and depth.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, I shoot exclusively for the architectural industry due to a keen interest and deep respect for the built environment as well as everyone involved. Whether my clients are real estate professionals, builders, contractors, developers, architects, or interior designers, the goal is to enhance their presentation with irresistible visual appeal.

Thank you for considering my portfolio, and I sincerely hope that my expertise will garner more business and recognition for you by carefully showcasing the quality and integrity of your work.